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Zscaler gateway product overview

Equipped with advanced security features such as cloud intelligence, botnet detection, sandboxing and more, the Zscaler Web gateway is deployed solely through the cloud.

Editor's Note: This overview on Zscaler Web gateways is part of a series on buying network security products for the enterprise. The series explores the evolution of network security and lays out some major use cases. It also looks at the buying criteria for network security products and compares the leading network security vendors in the market.

A relatively new security company, Zscaler Inc., based in San Jose, Calif., has a number of different security products in its portfolio. Among them is the Zscaler gateway, a secure Web gateway (SWG) product that's regarded as one of the leading SWGs in the market by independent technology research firms. Zscaler built its SWG from the ground up, incorporating recent advances in cloud design methodologies and architectures. To that end, Zscaler Web gateways offer multiple unique security features, such as cloud intelligence, botnet detection and even some sandboxing protection for advanced persistent threats (APT). Zscaler claims its SWG offers a total cost of ownership that is up to 80% lower than comparable, hardware-based appliances.

SWG cloud options

Unlike other security vendors that offer SWGs on hardware, virtual  and cloud platforms, the Zscaler Web gateway is only available through a cloud-based model. The company has its technology installed across more than 100 data centers worldwide, providing customers with close proximity to its servers. It's among the fastest, most flexible SWGs on the market today. It also offers other security products that go beyond Web security on the same platform -- including antivirus, advanced threat protection and data loss prevention management. All of the applications are tightly integrated.

Pricing and support

Zscaler Web gateway application pricing is based on a per-user model and all products must be purchased through an authorized reseller. Zscaler offers several different tiers of support, which all include 24/7 phone and Web communication with technicians. Support can be upgraded as needed; full information is available here.  

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This was last published in November 2015

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