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Virtualization basics for network professionals: PrepLogic training video

In this PrepLogic virtualization training video, learn virtualization basics for networking professionals, including various hypervisor architectures, factors that affect virtualization performance and network capacity planning for virtualization.

Networking professionals can't avoid the need to learn virtualization implementation and management strategies. Almost every major enterprise has implemented some server virtualization and the technology is even growing rapidly among small and medium-sized businesses. Networking professionals must learn quickly how to handle  networking consideration for virtualization. It's important to understand everything from basic server virtualization implementation to more complex distributed virtual switching, managing VLANs in a virtualized environment and more.

But the place to start is with a virtualization overview. In this PrepLogic virtualization training video, you'll learn about varying hypervisor architectures, implementing virtualization with bare metal or within a host, and more. You'll also learn what it means to virtualize network cards, processing and memory. In this virtualization overview, also learn factors that affect virtualization performance. Most importantly, understand the role of network capacity planning in virtualization implementation.

This was last published in July 2010

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