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Video: Juniper on transitioning mobile operators to SDNs

In this video, ACG Research's founder Ray Mota talks to Brad Brooks of Juniper Networks about how to transition mobile operators to SDNs.

Juniper Networks recently announced its approach to help mobile operators transition to software-defined networks (SDNs). Ray Mota, founder and president of ACG Research talked to Brad Brooks, vice president of Juniper Networks, about the advantages of moving to virtualized mobile networks with 4G LTE. In this ACG HotSeat video, Mota and Brooks focus on how to virtualize the mobile network using SDN and network elements of Juniper's virtual Mobile Control Gateway (vMCG) solution, designed with Hitachi, to help mobile operators handle increased traffic smartphone use generates.

"We have a couple of products that we're introducing into the marketplace around how we will start to be able to virtualize different elements of the actual network to benefit carriers," Brooks said. He also addresses how Juniper's approach to SDN architecture will allow mobile operators to introduce new services in their networks in minutes versus the months that it takes today.

To learn more, watch the interview.

This was last published in March 2013

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