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USENIX LISA 2010: Special coverage

USENIX LISA 2010 is a conference covering large installation systems administration. Keep up-to-date on all coverage from San Jose here, and don't miss a single update from USENIX LISA 2010.

 LISA '10 

At USENIX LISA 2010 in San Jose, Calif., researchers, users and other experts presented and discussed a series of research papers covering the systems administration and network management gamut. Topics included virtualization performance assessment, analyzing firewalls and implementing storage over Ethernet. Read blogs and watch video from SearchNetworking's coverage of USENIX LISA 2010.




Using TCP/IP traffic shaping for iSCSI performance 
In the research paper "Using TCP/IP Traffic Shaping to Achieve iSCSI Service Predictability," researchers explain how common traffic shaping techniques can be slightly altered to ensure iSCSI performance.

Creating a firewall policy fault model for automatic correction
In the research paper "First Step Towards Automatic Correction of Firewall Policy Faults," researchers outline the most common firewall policy problems and then explain how they can be corrected automatically.



Run everything over Ethernet? But FCoE is not ready! VIDEO
Vendors can push FCoE all they want but the technology is simply not ready, argues Gestalt IT community manager Stephen Foskett at the LISA 2010 show

Where have all the sys admins gone? Outsourcing, GUIs
There was an eerie lack of young faces at LISA 2010 this year. Fast Packet blogger Michael J. Martin wonders if all the young systems administrators have been lost to outsourcing and the GUI-ification of network management.




How to secure and route your Linux network
LISA blogger Ben Cotton discusses what he learned about firewall design and maintaining a secure network in the session "Real-World Insights on How to Secure and Route Your Linux Network."

Real-world configuration management
LISA blogger Marius Ducea discusses what he learned about configuration management at LISA 2010, as well as the problems that sys admins face, including a lack of uniform operating systems and ineffective methods for measuring change.

From zero to the cloud
LISA blogger Marius Ducea interviews Todd Deshane and Patrick Wilbur, authors of "Running Xen: A Hands-on Guide to the Art of Virtualization."

This was last published in November 2010

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