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'Network Know-How' offers network troubleshooting techniques

Download this free chapter excerpt from "Network Know-How" to gain insight into basic network troubleshooting techniques. Identify and solve most networking errors in your environment.

The key to successful network troubleshooting is to follow a logical problem-solving process, according to John Ross, the author of Network Know-How, a textbook from No Starch Press. Network administrators need to understand the basics of designing and mapping a network in order to identify and solve common network problems

Ross suggests that network administrators look for easy solutions before they start a complex hardware or software diagnostic routine. Many of these suggestions are common sense but they're often overlooked. The techniques described in this chapter address computer problems in Windows, Macintosh or Linux/Unix operating system as well as on the network itself. The chapter excerpt starts by introducing general troubleshooting techniques, followed by information on how to fix common networking issues.

In the book, Ross takes readers through the nuts and bolts of networks, explaining how to run cables, set up Wi-Fi access points, configure file sharing and printing and implement basic security measures.

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From Network Know-How: An Essential Guide for the Accidental Admin by John Ross. (ISBN-9781593271916). Copyright 2009, No Starch Press. All rights reserved.

About the author:
John Ross has worked on wired and wireless networking for several manufacturers, including Motorola and AT&T. He is the author of more than two dozen books, including Internet Power Tools (Random House), Connecting with Windows (Sybex), Wiring Home Networks (Sunset Books) and The Book of Wireless (No Starch Press).


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