Top expert Q&As of 2006's Ask the Expert section is the place where our elite experts answer our reader's questions. They cover topics like network administration, security, network and systems management, routing and switching, certifications, IPv6 and wireless networking. Here we include the top Q&As from each of our experts in 2006.

Our stable of experts has been busy this year responding to our readers' burning networking questions. Many of these questions resonate with readers of all networking backgrounds. See which questions of 2006 were buzzing in the air and most informatively answered by our experts.



Networking Fundamentals with Chris Partsenidis

1. What's the difference between DNS and WINS? Answer
2. Why does my network go down every night? Answer
3. Which network cards are best for Gigabit Ethernet? Answer
4. What function should I select for my Linksys router? Answer
5. Where can I find good software and hardware to design a mesh network? Answer 
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Network Administration with Lindi Horton

1. How do I prevent former employees from accessing my network? Answer
2. How do you build LANS using Ethernet switches? Answer
3. Why is the cable supporting my LAN experiencing abnormal attenuation? Answer
4. At what point do you start having lag times from a T1? Answer
5. How do I monitor network utilization? Answer

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Routing and Switching with Sudhanshu Gupta

1. Is it possible to use a Cisco 2950 switch as a DHCP relay? Answer
2. Can I use a router to optimize my site's bandwidth? Answer
3. How I can get hands-on routing experience via the Internet? Answer
4. What is the advantage of SFP ports on a Gigabit switch? Answer
5. What is the main advantage of having an L3 switch over a router? Answer

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Network Security with Puneet Mehta

1. How can I stop my server from going down every night? Answer
2. What is the key difference between intrusion detection and intrusion prevention? Answer
3. Where should the placement of my firewall be? Answer
4. How does the VPN concentrator work? Answer
5. How do virus-infected emails get past a firewall? Answer

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Enterprise Security with Michael Gregg

1. What good network monitoring tools are there to run on Windows servers? Answer
2. Is there such thing as privacy on the network? Answer
3. What are the best tools to ensure maximum security in an organization? Answer
4. What structure can I follow for penetration testing? Answer
5. What are some resources to help me better understand network security concepts? Answer

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Wireless Networking with Lisa Phifer

1. Is it better to buy new APs with 802.11g or pre-802.11n? Answer
2. Why is our WLAN experiencing throughput dropping even where signal strength is excellent? Answer
3. Why can't our wireless NIC get an IP address? Answer
4. What is the purpose of Wi-Fi ad-hoc mode? Answer
5. How do I boost hotspot signal strength? Answer

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IPv4 and IPv6 with Silvia Hagen

1. How does IPv6 compare to IPv4 in its configuration? Answer
2. What is the possible impact of switching 64 subnets to 70? Answer
3. Is there any difference in regard to QoS between IPv4 and IPv6? Answer

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Infrastructure and Project Management with Carrie Higbie

1. What is the difference between cat5, cat5e and cat 6? Answer
2. How do we stop Wi-Fi signal-hopping? Answer
3. What is a cause of crosstalk in UTP cables? Answer
4. For mobile workers who travel internationally, how does VoIP cut costs? Answer
5. What is the relationship between network cable frequency and its bandwidth? Answer

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Cisco Certifications with David Minutella

1. Does having a CCNA and MSCE equal a higher-paying job? Answer
2. Studying for the CCNA is boring -- what would make it more interesting? Answer
3. What can you get with MCSE, CCNA and CCNP certifications? Answer
4. How can you update your certifications on the job? Answer
5. How close are Cisco practice exams to the actual test? Answer

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Training and Certification with Ed Tittel

1. How can I make the successful jump into networking with only rudimentary networking skills? Answer
2. What Web sites could give me a better understanding of the CCNA exam? Answer
3. Is there a greater demand for CCSP or CCVP? Answer
4. How should I prepare for the CCNA exam? Answer
5. What is the best way to tackle the descriptive questions on the CCNA 640-801 exam? Answer

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This was last published in December 2006

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