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Top WAN tips of 2013: 10 tips and tricks to keep your WAN afloat

Looking for tips, tricks and advice to manage your wide area networks? Here are the top WAN how-to articles and videos of 2013.

Whether you're looking for advice on how to make your WAN more resilient in a disaster or how to make a business case for IPv6, these tips, videos and tricks will get your WAN to where it needs to be. Our enterprise WAN experts show you what to do when mobile traffic impacts your WAN, how to bring WAN optimization techniques together with network management and security -- and much more. Take a look at these top WAN tips of 2013 in this top 10 countdown:

10. Know when to let go of your WAN provider

Maybe your WAN provider broke your service-level agreement more than once; maybe they stopped calling you back. When do you know enough is enough? This top 10 WAN tip of 2013 from telecom expert Tom Nolle advises you when it's time to let go or try again with your WAN provider.

9. How to optimize your WAN in the wake of industry demands

Learn how to optimize WAN performance for end-user needs that are continually changing. This video with Principal Nemertes Research Analyst John Burke explains how the WAN is changing and how to keep your WAN flexible for the new knowledge worker.

8. Dealing with overloaded VPNs during a disaster

It happens to the best of us -- a storm or emergency strikes at the office and workers who normally travel to the office work remote and log into your VPN, only there aren't enough VPN licenses to go around. What do you do? Disaster recovery expert Paul Kirvan explains how to best prepare for a surge of remote employees during a disaster.

7. What to do about mobile data slowing your WAN

A surge of remote workers means a surge in mobile traffic that most WAN architects haven't accounted for. To keep mobile data from slowing down your WAN, view these mobile optimization tips from mobility expert Philip Clarke.

6. Improve public cloud computing performance over your WAN

In 2013, 97% of companies made use of public cloud computing in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS), and SaaS backhauled through the WAN is notoriously slow. To improve SaaS performance, Burke explains how network managers and engineers can enhance performance across the Internet and the WAN.

5. Understand your WAN optimization technique choices

The application performance challenges brought on by data center consolidation and centralization must be met through WAN optimization. Not sure what WAN optimization can do? WAN op expert Henry Svendblad covers the 6 most common optimization techniques WAN tools make use of.

4. Disaster recovery tips for your WAN

Every enterprise-grade WAN needs a business continuation plan in the event of a catastrophe, explains disaster recovery expert Greg Schulz. Here you'll find business continuity and disaster recovery tips and WAN resiliency best practices for businesses who take risk seriously.

3. Identifying WAN optimization techniques for your application performance problems

Take a video lesson with expert John Burke in this Network Evolution University Classroom. This 20-minute tutorial explains common app performance issues, which WAN optimization techniques to use for each use case, and how to develop a roadmap to deployment.

2. Understanding business case and costs for IPv6

Just like any IT project, upgrading to an IPv6 infrastructure involves extra costs. Expert Henry Svendblad outlines IPv6 cost considerations in part 1 of this tip series, and explains how IT pros can make the IPv6 business case to get the money required for a deployment in part 2.

1. How to fit WAN optimization, management and security together

In the top WAN tip of 2013, Svendblad explains how to fit all the pieces of IT together -- WAN optimization, management and security -- because it's not a solution unless it fits in nicely with your other IT initiatives.

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This was last published in December 2013

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