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In our networking comic series, the IT guy and his office coworkers encounter day-to-day data networking and office challenges. On this page, you'll find a listing of all our comics.

In our networking comic series, Dave -- the IT guy -- and his office coworkers encounter day-to-day network challenges.

geek holding coffee
Geek courtship ritual
Dave tries out an unlikely -- but not uncommon -- pickup line.

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USB hub thumbnail
The TARDIS hub has only four ports
A geeky pop culture icon poses a source of irritation for Dave, the IT guy.

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thumb holding paper thumbnail
The binary tattoo
An attempt to incorporate technology and fashion fails miserably in the eyes of our IT guy.

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storm trooper in suit
Disaster recovery
One can never overlook the importance of proper backup and disaster recovery planning.

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Grace Hopper cartoon thumbnail
Amazing Grace
While exploring a strange room full of forgotten computers, Dave gets some advice from an IT legend.

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IT guy Halloween thumbnail image
Cable under the table
Who knows what terror lurks under the table -- except for Dave, our fearless IT Guy. Dave braves dust, spiders, and routers that go bump in the night to bring network connectivity to end users.

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Dave with phone
Tech support, I forgot my password
If you've ever answered the phone for tech support, you've probably dealt with the proverbial clueless user. Here, Dave takes his turn helping a frustrated (and frustrating) user with a forgotten password.

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IT guy cartoon
Mobility -- It's a beach
A mobile worker finds that his many devices (wireless laptop, glare-free screen and PDA) don't guarantee a seamless work experience in the great outdoors.

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Mad Mac thumbnail
Mac vs. PC
Mac and PC are at it again in this spoof of the popular TV commercial -- with a twist.

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IP addressing cartoon thumbnail
IP addressing
Dave's coworkers have some trouble with an IP address, although it's not what you'd expect.

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Earning certifications
Dave hesitates to admit exactly how he earns so many networking certifications.

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VoIP user issues
Network pros face many obstacles in a new VoIP implementation, not the least of which are the user issues.

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Flying with laptops
Rugged laptop cases can alleviate queasiness about checking valuable equipment. But for the IT guy, there's an even better way to fly.

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Wireless access point placement
What in the world is Dave doing with those wireless routers?

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This was last published in March 2008

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