Telecom network optimization: Weighing the options

Telecom network optimization methods range from basic to bizarre as telecom service providers try to keep up with the skyrocketing rate of mobile and fixed-line data usage. From large to small carriers, the need to reduce expenditures and streamline operations, all while meeting customer expectations, is driving carriers to find new and better solutions. This series looks at the latest techniques telecom service providers are using to optimize their networks and find the solutions that best fit their needs.

Michael Morisy, News Writer
Editor's Note: In this series, Telecom Network Optimization Options, looks at the latest techniques in telecom network optimization, from optimizing the content itself to caching and compression, and from optimizing physical infrastructure for wireless to network virtualization. The series evaluates how effective these methods are at meeting today's telecom business objectives. Check out these essential resources:

Telecom network optimization driven by higher user expectations
A host of telecom network optimization techniques promise more efficient networks and data transmission even as falling bandwidth prices complicate the calculations. The ever-increasing rate of mobile and fixed-line data usage is forcing telecom service providers to try a wide range of new network optimization methods.

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Femtocells, distributed antennas can help fine-tune wireless networks
Find out how femtocells and distributed antenna systems can help telecom service providers cut wireless backhaul costs by a third, while giving them a break from building out more cellular towers or leasing pricey fixed T-1 connections for backhaul.

Network virtualization, led by Juniper, promises efficiency boost
Network virtualization, pioneered by Juniper in the telecom market, promises to help carriers make more efficient use of their disparate networks and improve overall hardware utilization rates. See how this emerging technology could change the cost equation for carriers, just as it has for enterprises.

Telecom network optimization ROI limited for fixed and mobile video
The promise of strong mobile video growth projections versus little mobile video revenue actually going to carriers presents a serious conundrum . As a result, return on investment (ROI) for telecom network optimization isn't a sure thing for service providers trying to keep costs and revenues aligned.

This was last published in April 2009

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