Telecom industry blogs's blog roll includes Telecom Timeout with news and views on telecommunications by editorial staff and Uncommon Wisdom by Tom Nolle, president, CIMI Corp.

Kate Gerwig, Site Editor
Michael Morisy, News Writer
Telecom Timeout:
A editorial blog

Take time out for telecom

Keeping you up-to-date on the latest in telecom industry news, views and strategy,'s Kate Gerwig and Michael Morisy track the highs and lows of the industry in the Telecom Timeout blog. Log in for an update on developing telecom trends and analysis of service provider and equipment vendor moves that impact wireless and wireline networking.
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Uncommon Wisdom:
A blog

Increase your Uncommon Wisdom

In a blog for telecommunications professionals, CIMI Corp. President Tom Nolle offers commentary on the latest technology and business issues affecting the telecom industry as service providers continue IP network convergence and embrace the resulting business transformation to realize the promise of IP.
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This was last published in June 2009

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Telecom industry is very broad industry, it consist of long term goals to connect with various people. As a telecom sector growing it also create so many opportunity in digital marketing.
Telecom industry has entered into a phase of real development. This became possible when a sound infrastructure for communications was laid and its development started in the right earnest. Sachal Telecom was launched in 1992 to boost telecom industry.
I think that Crowdfiber's blog may be interesting to you as well! 
Our list of top 5 leading telecom companies in the United States give insights into the top telecom companies in US and how they manage to provide best-in-class services even at this time of pandemic.