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SevOne monitoring suite product overview

SevOne monitoring products, such as the Performance Application Solution, scale to the environment size. The PAS appliance can monitor up to 200,000 network devices.

Editor's note: This SevOne monitoring product overview is part of a series on network performance monitoring. The series also explores the evolution of network monitoring technology, discusses the major use cases, lays out the major purchasing criteria and compares the leading vendors on the market.

If there ever was a network monitoring vendor that could say its product was designed by network engineers for network engineers, it would be Boston-based SevOne Inc. The company was started by a couple of network administrators who grew tired of monitoring products that were too difficult to manage and scale. What the duo came up with was an all-in-one approach that the company contends eliminated complexities in scaling and licensing.

SevOne monitoring's streamlined licensing model is possibly its biggest benefit. When you buy the hardware appliance model or the virtual machine (VM) version, all monitoring capabilities, reporting tools, and back-end database and storage is provided automatically. There are no add-on features you need to worry about.

NPM platform

Unlike most other network performance monitor (NPM) products that break out different functions into separate products, a SevOne monitoring appliance or virtual machine can perform all tasks, and all modules are included out of the box. Scaling is just a matter of adding additional appliances or VMs in strategically placed locations on the network infrastructure. Multiple appliances within the same network form a distributed peer-to-peer cluster with a single pane of glass for management. Administrators are able to log in to any appliance within the cluster and manage the entire platform. Three different products are available:

SevOne Performance Appliance Solution (PAS) -- The SevOne Performance Appliance Solution is an all-in one hardware appliance. It acts as a collector, reporter and storage system that can monitor up to 200,000 objects on a single appliance.

SevOne Virtual Performance Appliance Solution (vPAS) -- This product is the same as PAS but in a virtualized image for flexibility of deployment. Each VM can monitor up to 5,000 objects.

SevOne Dedicated NetFlow Collector (DNC) -- For organizations with extremely large network infrastructures, the SevOne monitoring suite offers a dedicated NetFlow collection tool that can scoop up NetFlow data on up to 1,000 interfaces per appliance. Up to 12 million flows can be collected per minute. The DNC appliance meshes with PAS or vPAS, enabling single-pane-of-glass management and reporting capabilities.

Pricing and support

Licensing is just a matter of determining the number of elements required and purchasing a licensing bundle to meet those requirements. As long as the licenses are kept up to date, SevOne support includes standard 24/7 phone, email and web support as well as four-hour parts replacement in the event that hardware components fail. As an example, licensing for 1,000 nodes lists at $5,000. Appliances and licensing can be purchased through approved SevOne resellers.

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This was last published in June 2016

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