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SOS! Virtualization management tools needed for networking teams

Networking vendors are rushing to develop virtualization management tools to help networking teams that are struggling with network bottlenecking and security profile management in virtual environments.

Virtualization management was top of mind for network engineers in 2009.

Amid the data center virtualization frenzy, networking teams are going nuts grappling with virtualization management.

On the tech front, networking pros struggle to manage virtual machine (VM) configuration and migration, as well as bottlenecking between VMs. But there's also a very human problem: the battle against systems teams for control in a virtual environment that is software driven but alters the physical network.

In 2009, networking vendors made their first big strides to develop virtualization management tools to tackle both problems.

Arista Networks launched a virtual switch to take on Cisco's Nexus 1000v (released in 2008) -- both aiming to ease network bottlenecking, as well as manage security and network profiles in a virtual environment. Cisco and HP have also proposed virtual server standards to the IEEE that will gain network administrators more visibility and control over virtual switches embedded in hypervisors.

It's all a great start, but 2010 is expected to bring a host of new virtualization management tools that networking pros will need to learn. Also expect to see the rise of network management automation products for a virtual environment, as well as virtualized networking components that will also require new implementation and management skills.

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This was last published in December 2009

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