Our top expert Q&As of '05

SearchNetworking.com's Ask the Expert section is the place where our elite experts answer our reader's questions. They cover topics like network administration, security, network and systems management, routing and switching, certifications, IPv6 and wireless networking. Here we include the top five Q&As from each of our experts in '05.


Networking Fundamentals with Chris Partsenidis

1. How do I configure a router to work as a VPN? Answer
2. What is a network sniffer? Answer
3. Why do I keep running into network traffic jams? Answer
4. How does one decide between CAT5E and CAT6? Does bandwidth play a role? Answer
5. What's the difference between a router and a Layer 3 switch? Answer 
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Network Administration with Lindi Horton

1. What are network collisions and how do they occur? Are they normal? Answer
2. What are some key points to consider when hiring an outside firm to handle an organization's network management needs? Answer
3. How can we improve the performance of our LAN? Answer
4. What are the performance figures of a router? Answer
5. What tools are available to identify IP addresses on my LAN? Answer

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Routing and Switching with Sudhanshu Gupta

1. Which is better, a Layer 3 switch or a router in respect to WAN connection? Answer
2. How many routers can be supported within a local network? Answer
3. Is VLAN trunking something I should consider doing over my WAN? Answer
4. Can you help with load balancing? Answer
5. What is the difference between a managed and an unmanaged switch? Answer

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Network Security with Puneet Mehta

1. Can you direct me to some software for security and vulnerability scans and testing? Answer
2. Where should we place our firewall? Answer
3. What is a "man in the middle" attack? Answer
4. What are the algorithms and encryption methods used in intrusion prevention systems? Answer
5. How do I block my users from accessing all but a few authorized Web sites? Answer

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Enterprise Security with Michael Gregg

1. When will the government give physical network security the attention it deserves? Answer
2. Which transmission media are the most secure and the least secure? Answer
3. What can I do to protect myself from spyware? What damage can it do my network? Answer
4. How can I guard against an attack to my WLAN? Answer
5. What type of firewall is appropriate for a 200 machine workgroup? Answer

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Wireless Networking with Lisa Phifer

1. What are the antenna specifications for the 802.11a ,b and g standards? Answer
2. What are some recent developments in WLAN security? Answer
3. Why are we experiencing repeated network drop-outs? Answer
4. Can you explain 802.11b performance testing? Answer
5. Can you tell me about wireless LAN QoS and what are the pros and cons of implementing this? Answer

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Network application management with Karl Triebes

1. What causes a TCP SYN-attack? Answer
2. What is the best way to merge two network applications? Answer
3. Which is the best language to use to develop a bandwidth management application? Answer
4. Are there any tools that troubleshoot and analyze the performance of WAN-deployed applications? Answer
5. Can you recommend some good network analysis and diagnostic tools that have the ability to diagnose at the application layer? Answer

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IPv4 and IPv6 with Silvia Hagen

1. What will be the biggest impact of IPv6? Answer
2. Will my company need to buy new equipment for the upgrade to IPV6? Answer
3. What is prompting the move to IPv6? Answer
4. Will IPv6 make network management an easier job? Answer
5. What is the difference between IPv4 and IPv6 fragmentation? Answer

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Infrastructure and Project Management with Carrie Higbie

1. What costs can I expect when designing a LAN? Answer
2. How can we reduce interference? Answer
3. Is there any limitation for using Category 5e cable in the data network? Answer
4. How can I learn the dos and don'ts of Cat 6 cable installation? Answer
5. What are the advantages of 10 Gigabit Ethernet? Answer

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Cisco Certifications with David Minutella

1. Will CCNA certification be enough to get me into the networking field? Answer
2. What certifications are most relevant to Cisco wireless networking, VPNs and VoIP routers? Answer
3. When do I need to recertify? Answer
4. How does CCNA compare to other certs? Answer
5. When was the last time CCNP was revised? Answer

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Training and Certification with Ed Tittel

1. How can I make the transition from programming to networking? Answer
2. Can I break into the networking field with no experience, just certs? Answer
3. Is a masters in computer science enough for a career in IT or do I need certs too? Answer
4. How do I represent expired certs on my resume? Answer
5. How do I let potential employers know about research and study I've done on my own? Answer

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This was last published in December 2005

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