OSI -- Securing the stack

Secure your network with our OSI model reference that links to all the tips in our "OSI -- securing the stack" series by security expert and author Michael Gregg. The series is based on his book, "Hack the Stack."

Secure your network with this OSI model reference. Below, you'll find links to all the tips in our "OSI -- securing the stack" series by security expert and author Michael Gregg, based on his book, Hack the Stack.



The mythical Layer 8: People
Layer 8 -- Social engineering and security policy

Layer 7: The application layer
Layer 7 -- Applications

Layer 6: The presentation layer
Layer 6 -- Encryption

Layer 5: The session layer
Layer 5 -- Session hijacking

Layer 4: The transport layer
Layer 4 -- Fingerprinting

Layer 3: The network layer
Layer 3 -- Understanding the role of ICMP

Layer 2: The data-link layer
Layer 2 -- Understanding the role of ARP

Layer 1: The physical layer
Layer 1 -- Physical security threats

Michael Gregg

About the author:
Michael Gregg has been involved in IT and network security for more than 15 years. He is the founder and CTO of Superior Solutions Inc., a risk assessment and security consulting firm. He has developed high-level security classes and written six books; the most recent is Hack the Stack: The Eight Layers of an Insecure Network.

About the book:


Hack the Stack was written for those who seek to better understand and to gain a deeper knowledge of how TCP/IP systems really work. Such knowledge enables security professionals to make networks more secure.

 Read Chapter 1, Extending OSI to Network Security, in this PDF.


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This was last published in May 2007

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