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Need 10 GbE optimization? Hardware is not the solution

10 GbE brings speed, but network latency is still an issue. The answer to 10 GbE optimization can't be found in increasing hardware. Our blogger says it's about the application.

Just because 10 GbE promises speed, that doesn't mean that it doesn't pose latency problems. Until now, the solution to latency was to add more bandwidth, which  meant throwing hardware at the problem. Fast Packet blogger, Michael J. Martin says there's a better way.

In Martin's opinion, the latency problem can be solved by dealing with application performance, and the first step to that solution is properly documenting applications and their server environments. An application dictionary would document server/service dependencies and transactional processes, for example.

Here's what Martin has to say in his blog “10 GbE optimization: Hardware alone won't help.”

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