Measuring ROI from Wireless LANs

More and more organizations are implementing wireless LANs with the goals of increased productivity and reduced IT and communications costs. But does a wireless LAN deliver positive ROI? The answer is yes -- in some cases. In this session, Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President, Research, Nucleus Research identified the key factors to consider when determining whether or not a wireless LAN can deliver positive ROI to your organization, how to credibly quantify expected costs and benefits and how to plan a wireless LAN project that maximizes returns.

Today, wireless hotspots are spreading like wildfire in airports, hotels, and cafes. Hotspots offer convenient high-speed Internet access for business travelers, but unprotected visitors are vulnerable to eavesdropping, forgery and virus infection. In this session, Lisa Phifer, Vice President, Core Competence Inc. explored the security measures used in public hotspots and how to overcome security challenges. Lisa also discussed the role of WPA and 802.1X in hotspot security and how VPNs can help and hinder hotspot users.
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This was last published in April 2006

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