LAN adminstrator's theme month - April 2005

Here you'll find all our special features for LAN administrators for April 2005.

LAN Administrator Guide
This guide offers you assistance in each area of your responsibilities -- broken down by task. You'll find tutorials, tips and advice to help you every step of the way.

Managing spam
For many organizations, spam is a huge burden on their IT staffs as well as a large budgetary expense. This week we bring you a nine-part series on managing spam. It covers such topics as privacy issues, the cost of spam, spam litigation, fighting spam and antispam approaches and solutions. Each section is excerpted from the book, Privacy: What Developers and IT Professionals Should Know by J.C. Cannon, Microsoft's top privacy technology strategist. (This series is reproduced with permission from Pearson publishing as Addison-Wesley Professional. Copyright 2005.)

Networking FastFacts
Our latest learning tool is designed to help you understand networking topics in just a few quick minutes. Stripped down and bare-boned, our FastFacts installments lay out just the essentials: a definition and a few succinct, related resources so you can grasp the concepts and then be on your way. The first two FastFacts, network documentation and Gigabit Ethernet, are available for you now -- or whenever you can spare five minutes.

Featured chapters:

Week one: CCNA Command Quick Reference, Chapter 3
Configuring a router
This chapter provides information and commands for configuring a router.

Week two: Mike Meyers' Network+ Guide to Managing & Troubleshooting Networks, Chapter 20
Zen and the art of network
With this chapter you will learn how to describe troubleshooting tools, explain the troubleshooting process and analyze troubleshooting scenarios.

Week three: Introduction to Networking, Chapter 10
Managing a network
With this chapter you will learn about managing your network. You'll learn how to describe Windows network management tools and implement Windows and NetWare network management.

Week four: Computer Networking First-Step, Chapter 4
How to build a local (network) roadway
This chapter covers basics on how networks work, what they're made of, and the benefits of using a structured cabling system.

Special feature:
This chapter from the book What All Network Administrators Know gives advice on what to do when a server crashes, describes network security, command line utilities and looks at some helpful tools that every network administrators should have in their arsenal.
Download your copy today.

Info Quest: Trivia questions and weekly winner announcements

Question one - April 4-8: Congratulations to our first Info Quest winner, John Possum. John corrected answered that the #1 rule of network administration is, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" John said, "This should be hung on the door of EVERY network administrator's office!" We agree, John, and a copy of Network Troubleshooting is coming your way.

Question two - April 11-15: Congratulations to Kevin Basler, senior network engineer at Maritz Inc., for winning our second Info Quest trivia contest. Kevin correctly answered that the last item in the 'Disaster Recovery Plan' was to test the disaster recovery plan and schedule to update and maintain the plan on a routine basis. We've got a copy of Windows XP Networking courtesy of Addison-Wesley heading his way.

Question three - April 18-22: Congratulations to Lloyd Hemmert, network administrator at Hill Country Community MHMR Center, for winning our third Info Quest trivia contest. Lloyd correctly answered that the #1 reason why users don't like LAN administrators is because they make more money. While that isn't necessarily the truth, we thought it was a fun question and we enjoyed the responses and feedback from our readers. We've got a copy of The Internet and its Protocols courtesy of Morgan Kaufmann heading Lloyd's way.

Our final question - April 25-29: In Task 6 of our LAN administrator guide, how many steps are there to performing a network audit? Tell us and we'll enter your name in our random drawing for a copy of Network Security First-Step, by Tom Thomas, courtesy of Cisco Press.

This was last published in March 2005

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