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Juniper cloud computing strategy: The company reboots

Analysts hailed the Juniper cloud computing strategy, which includes the 2.6 terabit-per-second Trio chipset in its MX switches, and open API application platforms.

Juniper's cloud computing strategy includes a super-speed chipset and open-API application servers.

Juniper Networks staked its flag in cloud computing this year and revamped its look with a decidedly more serious logo, aiming to attract a new class of customer going into 2010.

Last winter, the company dropped tidbits about an upcoming Juniper data center strategy, but it has yet to release a unified fabric strategy or server play. Instead, it launched the super-speed, programmable Trio chipset, which will be dropped into MX series switches. Those switches will now outpace every competitor in throughput (2.6 terabits per second, to be exact). Juniper's cloud computing strategy also includes an open API application platform, and the company has opened its widely hailed Junos operating system for licensing. Blade Networks, the first taker, will develop Junos-based Blade Switches.

Juniper's cloud strategy was hailed as groundbreaking, but the company received its share of criticism too. Juniper has no immediate plans to drop the Trio chipset into its Ex-Series Ethernet switches, so enterprise customers will have to invest in the hugely expensive carrier-class MX line to partake. What's more -- not unlike Cisco Systems' Unified Computing System (UCS) -- Juniper's strategy works best in a green-field data center or rip-and-replace scenario.

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This was last published in December 2009

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