Is it time to switch service providers?

Answer the questions in this flow chart to determine whether you're with the right WAN service provider or whether you should switch.

Has your WAN service provider made your life more complicated than it has to be? Does it keep changing your bill without notifying you? Is its network constantly down? Or has your WAN service provider stopped getting in contact with you altogether? Every relationship has its ups and downs, but some strikes against your service-level agreement are unforgivable. Find out whether it's time to switch service providers using the flow chart below (click infographic to enlarge):

Should you switch service providers flow chart

This flow chart on when to switch service providers was adapted from the article Your WAN provider: Knowing when to let go by telecom expert Tom Nolle.

Whether the outcome of your response led you to stay with or switch service providers, these resources will help you navigate your relationship with your provider:

Negotiating network service contracts: Nemertes Research President Johna Till Johnson offers 10 commandments of carrier negotiation to make dealing with your WAN service provider less painful.

Managing service providers for multicarrier networks: If you're a true enterprise, chances are you'll need multiple carriers and service providers to meet the needs of your global workforce. To manage multiple carriers successfully, ask your provider these questions.  

Choosing a WAN managed service provider: Are you contemplating a managed WAN service? CIMI Corp. President Tom Nolle explains why an enterprise may want to consider this type of service.

Managed WAN services best practices: If you decide a managed WAN service is right for you, you'll want to read what Nolle has to say about making your deployment as seamless as possible.

Integrating WAN and Internet cloud services: More enterprises are finding that cloud services are the way to go. To find out how to integrate cloud offerings with your WAN services, read this tip.  

Managing your WAN and cloud service provider relationship: As more companies choose to mix and match WAN and cloud services, managing these provider relationships gets equally mixed and matched. Use these tips from Tom Nolle to simplify life with your providers.

Ways to ensure your WAN service offerings don't disappear: The service provider market has favored consumers more than in years past, which is why it's important to realize that public policy may reduce your WAN service offerings. To keep what you need for you enterprise, read Tom's tips.

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This was last published in November 2013

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