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Interop New York technology trends: Hype or ripe?

Which Interop New York technology trends are ripe and which are hype? Interop New York experts will be discussing, virtualization, converged data center networks, cloud computing, and the all-wireless enterprise, but only some of these technologies will actually be used.

Interop New York technology trends: Hype or ripe?

At Interop New York this week, virtualization, cloud computing, data center network convergence and enterprise mobility will lead the conversation … not a stunning turn of events.

But some of these technology trends have matured to ripeness and are ready for actual uptake, while others remain little more than a conversation piece.

Moreover, technologies like virtualization and cloud computing, which are without doubt ready for the picking, are taking off in ways not necessarily expected, and leading to new technology challenges that will be addressed with new products or solutions.

We asked Interop New York speakers to lay out which technology trends are hype and which are ripe. You may be surprised by their answers.

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This was last published in October 2010

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