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Interop New York: Cloud conversation … still a bit foggy

The Interop cloud computing track will include lots of information about moving applications to the public cloud, but users will be more concerned with trying out the private cloud as a first step. Interop cloud conference sessions will address pain points, including security and network performance.

At the Interop New York 2010 conference, cloud computing strategies will be discussed.

Let's face it: with all of its hype, the public cloud is still daunting for many enterprises.

So even though we're told Interop after Interop that it's safe and efficient to move even your most critical applications to a publicly hosted cloud, most companies will instead begin with building a private cloud to gain the benefits of hosted applications and dynamic provisioning. If this works for them, it may be a stepping stone toward integrating public cloud services as well, says Forrester research analyst Doug Washburn, who is also the chair of the Interop New York data center conference track.

With that in mind, the Interop cloud track addresses the pain points in implementing both public and private cloud computing networks, including security risks in a hosted environment, interconnecting private and public clouds, virtualization management, network automation, measuring network performance in the cloud, and application optimization.

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This was last published in October 2010

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