Interop Las Vegas 2010: Special news coverage

Keep up with what's happening at Interop Las Vegas 2010 in this conference coverage. Read about data center networks and convergence, networking for server virtualization, network virtualization, unified communications, wireless LAN and WAN performance in our news, blogs and video from one of networking's biggest annual events.

Interop Las Vegas 2010 takes place April 25-29 and our editors will be there. With the shift in enterprise networking, Interop Las Vegas has turned its focus on data center networking and convergence, cloud computing networks, server and network virtualization, application delivery, WAN performance and more. Read news stories, interviews and blogs updated daily from Interop Las Vegas 2010.




Jim Metzler previews the networking track at Interop
The network is evolving to address needs in the data center and to deliver convergence between storage, servers and beyond. So this year, the Interop Las Vegas 2010 networking track will address transitions in data center network design. In this Q&A, Interop networking track chair Dr. Jim Metzler, of Metzler, Ashton & Associates, discusses the move toward flattening the network, data center network convergence and advances in network management.


Virtualization at Interop: Impact on the network
Virtualization has taken center stage at Interop Las Vegas 2010. This year, the Interop virtualization track will address virtrualization management, desktop and application virtualization, effects of virtualization on the branch office, and more. In this Q&A, Interop virtualization track chair Barb Goldworm, president and chief analyst at FOCUS, addresses the impact of virtualization on the network and application delivery challenges resulting from server virtualization.




Interop Las Vegas 2010: The data center track
Data center network infrastructure is changing at a rapid rate, supporting virtualization, cloud computing and converging technology to deliver elastic yet resilient services with the least amount of overhead. So at At Interop Las Vegas 2010, experts in the data center track will address evolving network infrastructure, automation and preparing for cloud computing networks. In this Q&A, data center track chair Doug Washburn, a Forrester Research analyst, addresses upgrading to 10 Gigabit Ethernet, green networking and cloud computing among other data center networking issues.




Interop Las Vegas 2010: Storage and network convergence
As enterprises move toward converged data center networks, storage networking becomes an increasingly central concern for networking pros. So it's no surprise that at Interop Las Vegas 2010, the storage track will address a number of issues as they relate to storage and network convergence, cloud computing networks, server and network virtualization and application delivery. In this Q&A, Interop Las Vegas 2010 storage track chair Howard Goldstein, of Howard Goldstein Associates, explains how these emerging technologies and the need for application fluidity are influencing storage and network convergence.



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