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Interop Las Vegas 2009: Special news coverage

Keep up with what's happening at Interop Las Vegas 2009 in this conference coverage. Read about network management, network security, networked application delivery, automation, WAN performance, unified communications, virtualization, wireless, the networking channel and more in our news, interviews, blogs, and videos from one of networking's biggest annual events.

Keep up with what's happening at Interop Las Vegas 2009 in this conference coverage. Interop takes place May 17-21, 2009 at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas, and our editors will be there. Read all the biggest news stories, interviews, and blog tidbits, download podcasts and watch exclusive videos from one of networking's biggest annual events to find out the latest Interop news on network management, network security, networked application delivery, automation, WAN performance, unified communications, virtualization, wireless, the networking channel and more.

Networking and IT vendors prepare for the changing face of customers
Who are the customers of tomorrow and how will their personal and business makeup impact the way communications products are bought, sold and marketed to the masses?

Interop attendees upbeat, but focused
The economy may have turned the corner, according to a survey by Network Instruments and the overall mood of optimism at Interop this year. But ROI is still king.

Tweeting Las Vegas: Interop in 140 characters
Social networking can be a powerful tool. But is the virtual experience of a trade show as good as the real thing?

HP, Microsoft expand unifed communications alliance

HP and Microsoft announced a $180 million expansion of their partnership to jointly develop services and products as well as sell and market those products.

Verizon dives into deep end of network services pool
Our WAN editor rolls up his sleeves and gets a poolside scoop from Verizon on IP networking advances, cloud- based tools and a new partnership with CA.


Interop: Reinvent data center networks by smashing silos
In order to get the most out of next-generation data center networking technologies such as Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), IT departments must not only conquer interoperability issues, but also break down organizational silos within the data center. That was the view of some of the world's leading network equipment vendors at an Interop keynote panel Wednesday titled "Reinventing the Data Center."

VMware CTO talks virtual server networking at Interop
Virtual server networking can be challenging because of the lack of visibility into the virtual machines. But, as companies creep closer to 100% virtualized environments, virtualization software leader VMware is aware of these challenges and is working to address them through APIs, new products and partnerships. VMware CTO Stephen Herrod sat down with at Interop Las Vegas to discuss virtual server networking. Herrod described the challenges that networking professionals face with server virtualization and what VMware and others in the industry are doing to solve those challenges.


Talking cloud computing networks and 10 Gigabit Ethernet with Arista
Top executives from cloud computing network switch vendor Arista Networks, which specializes in high-density 1 rack unit 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches, discuss their vision for the company.

Enabling unified communications, measuring WAN performance ROI top Interop agendas
Two prevailing themes wafting through the Interop conference rooms this week were unified communications and the challenge of measuring the return on investment (ROI) of WAN performance fixes like optimization tools, accelerators and data compression technologies.

Nortel's VSP 9000 switch takes on Cisco, skeptical customers
Nortel Networks comes to Interop Las Vegas this week with an announcement of a new data center core switch designed to go toe-to-toe with Cisco Systems' Nexus 7000. But Nortel faces a hard sell trying to convince enterprises to invest in infrastructure from a company in Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Cost-effective WAN fixes, not buzzwords the challenge at Interop 2009
Affordable WAN solutions that cut costs rather than vague buzzwords and trend talk will need to be the focus at Interop 2009, where crowds will likely be thin.


IT automation, automated network management essential
IT automation and automated network management are becoming essential technologies for increasing the value of IT and ensuring application performance in increasingly complex networked environments. We caught up with Rick Sturm and Jim Frey of Enterprise Management Associates Inc. (EMA) to discuss the current state and importance of automation technologies.

Jim MetzlerJim Metzler previews the networking track at Interop
Although Interop is much more than a networking show these days, it still has a strong program of networking topics. Dr. Jim Metzler, of Metzler, Ashton & Associates, will chair the networking track at this year's Interop Las Vegas. We talked to Dr. Metzler about some hot networking topics that are up for discussion.

Network security threats solved by risk management
Network security threats abound, and news of data breaches are constantly made public. Are information security professionals doing something wrong? Interop IT security track chair John Pironti, president of IP Architects, LLC, explains why we need to think of information security as risk management.

Virtualization Management at Interop; new focus for network managers
The addition this year of a Virtualization Management track at Interop signals the growing pervasiveness of virtual technologies in the data center. Virtualization/Virtualization Management Track Chairs Barb Goldworm and Anne Skamarock of FOCUS discuss what virtualization management means for network managers today.

Joel Snyder discusses Network Access Control Day
The NAC DAY mini-conference at Interop dives deep into all things network access control. The event is an opportunity for networking professionals to get a solid technical understanding of this maturing network security technology. NAC Day chairman Joel Snyder disucsses NAC trends and "gotchas" in this Q&A.

Craig Mathias

Exploring enterprise wireless trends at Interop
Wireless and mobility coverage has been expanded to three tracks this year, thanks to the expanding presence of wireless and mobility in the enterprise. Track leader and Farpoint Group founder Craig Mathias discusses enterprise wireless trends and the questions he hopes will be explored at Interop.

Deploying and managing video conferencing from the desktop to telepresence
Track chair John Bartlett of NetForecast Inc. discusses what companies should consider to get the most from a video conferencing solution in terms of ROI, TCO and QoS, as well as the differences between video conferencing solutions, such as HD video conferencing, telepresence and desktop conferencing.

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