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Compensation flat for network pros in IT salary survey for 2015

TechTarget's annual IT Salary and Careers Survey reveals network IT pros are satisfied with their jobs, even without big increases.

Despite reports of flat compensation totals since 2014, TechTarget's recent 2015 IT Salary and Careers Survey revealed networking IT pros are satisfied with their jobs overall, even though they report making less on average than other IT pros.

The 2015 salary survey, conducted during the third quarter of 2015, included 1,783 IT professionals in North America, ranging from IT admins to senior-level IT executives. Among the total number of those surveyed, 290 respondents said their roles were specifically related to networking.

The 2015 salary survey revealed the average total compensation for those who identified themselves as network IT pros -- including network managers and administrators -- was $89,716, compared to the average total compensation of $101,106 among all IT pro survey respondents, excluding senior-level IT management. IT pros who are focused on security, for example, report average base salaries of $99,728 and total compensation of $109,007.

Almost 50% of networking IT pros said they received a salary increase in 2015 and expect average raises of 4.5% in 2016.

TechTarget also asked survey respondents about the correlation between their experience level and salary. Among the more senior networking IT pros, including executive IT management, those with 21 to 30 years of experience reported a base salary of $95,514, while those with more than 30 years of experience were paid an average base salary of $115,607.

Overall, networking IT pros reported high satisfaction in their jobs and feel optimistic about the companies they work for. Thirty percent of respondents said they were satisfied with their jobs and anticipate staying with their companies.

Other respondents were open to exploring new opportunities, however, with 11% saying they were actively looking for new positions.

The following infographic provides additional results from the 2015 salary survey.

2015 salary survey for networking IT pros

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