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March chapter downloads feature topics on next-generation networks. "You can never learn less; you can only learn more." - Buckminster Fuller Chapter of the Week

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Applications using the converged network

Is the real driving force behind the deployment of converged networks saving money, or the advanced capabilities convergence makes possible? The real driving force, says this chapter of Voice, Video, and Data Network Convergence, is the ability to deploy applications like converged, multichannel contact centers, unified messaging, and teleworking. Learn about these applications, as well as other features of the converged network such as presence, intelligent agents, and IP Centrex.

Featured March 15-19
Taking charge of your VoIP project, Chapter 2

This chapter explains how to build a business case for VoIP. It points out some of the benefits that VoIP can provide and discusses how to analyze return on investment (ROI) for VoIP implementation and management. (This excerpt is reprinted with permission from Cisco Press, copyright 2003-2004.)

Download "Taking charge of your VoIP project, Chapter 2" here.

Featured March 8-12
Implementing Cisco IPv6 Networks

Cisco Self-Study: Implementing Cisco IPv6 Networks by Regis Desmeules shows you how to use Version 6 of the Internet Protocol to stay ahead of the curve, safeguard against running out of address space, avoid awkward address-expansion efforts, and apply the power of the new Internet to meet your needs over the coming decades. In this chapter excerpt, you'll learn about IPv6 addressing and see sample configurations using the Cisco IOS technology to acquire basic knowledge to configure and operate routers in an IPv6 environment. (This excerpt is reprinted with permission from Cisco Press, copyright 2003-2004.)

Download "Implementing Cisco IPv6 Networks" here.

Featured March 1-5
Chapter 4 - The Road to Next Generation


This excerpt is from the book "IPv6: Theory, Protocol and Practice" by Pete Loshin. This chapter opens with a discussion of some of the improvements that have been proposed for the next generation of IP, followed by a brief history of the development effort for IP Next Generation (IPng). (This excerpt is reprinted with permission from Morgan Kaufman publishing, copyright 2003-2004.)

Download "Chapter 4 - The Road to Next Generation" here.

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