Building a wireless LAN proxy server

Our router expert, Michael Martin, walks you through building an http proxy server for a wireless LAN with a Linux base.

Our router expert, Michael Martin, walks you through building an http proxy server for a wireless network segment. The construction of the proxy server is quite involved, so it's covered in six sections. Michael demonstrates a basic Linux distribution install, discusses the kernel build and the standard interface configuration of the http proxy server. He continues with IP static routing, network segmenting with VLANs and the 802.1Q standard, supporting 802.1Q interfaces on Linux and Cisco IOS, and implementing DHCP services. Additional installments are on their way, so stay tuned.


Part 1: Basic Linux distribution install
Part 2: The kernel 
Part 3: Standard interface configuration for a WLAN proxy server
Part 4: Building a WLAN proxy serve, IP routing
Part 5: Building 802.11Q VLANs
Part 6: Building VLAN interfaces in Linux and IOS
Part 7: DHCP services for WLANs

Michael J. Martin has been working in the information technology field as a network and Unix system admin for over 10 years. What's his biggest strength as an expert? He says it's his "broad base of experience in working in the ISP/carrier and enterprise spaces as both a systems and a network engineer." His background in designing, implementing, and supporting MIS infrastructures for research and ISPs gives him a unique perspective on large-scale internetworking and security architecture. Michael shares his wealth of knowledge in his monthly Router Expert series and in frequent Live Expert Webcasts. 

This was last published in April 2006

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