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2010 predictions: What's the worst network security threat this year?

Hear enterprise network security expert Michael Gregg speak about the worst computer networking threats facing businesses in this 2010 predictions podcast.

Michael GreggListen to enterprise network security expert Michael Gregg's advice in this special podcast:

What largest network security threat will businesses face in 2010?

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What largest network security threat will businesses face in 2010?

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The worst computer network security threat facing businesses in 2010 is the growing threat of smartphones and other mobile devices connected to the Internet. We are at the point now with smartphones that we were with computers in the 1980's. As more people start to use these devices for banking and other similar types of activities it is only logical that hackers will begin to target these devices.

This past year we had the release of what was believed to be the first mobile botnet "Sexy Space." This year we also saw the release of malware for the Blackberry. Mobile device security is a growing threat that needs to be addressed by IT networking professionals this year.

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This was last published in January 2010

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