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2006 may be the year of network management and storage networks

Sudhanshu Gupta offers his prognostications on what you can expect in the field of networking in 2006.

Here's what I expect we'll see in 2006:

Enterprises need to take more control of infrastructures that are spread across the globe. Most of them would like to look forward to consolidate them to a central location so that they can be managed better and use fewer resources. With this consolidation (i.e. all servers, databases, etc. located in one location) whole infrastructure management becomes simple, cheaper and efficient.

However, traffic inflow to this main location is going to increase many fold, so enterprise will also look for WAN optimization. There are vendors who already have products to support this cause. Riverbed's steelhead and Cisco's Velocity SFS are two solutions in this direction. Enterprises, after having a stable infrastructure, will look for these solutions to make their infrastructure more manageable and to better serve them. WAN optimization vendors will see a spurt in their balance sheets in the coming year.

More and more enterprises will be more knowledgeable in managing and using storage networks. So far, few organizations use storage as a business enabler. This year will see enterprises develop and adapt practices that will help make better use of storage networks. They will come out with policies on what, how, when, where and whom to store. Furthermore, investments in storage networks will improve and storage infrastructure will see a sea-change.

Apart from this, in the telecom arena more people will be using cellular phones than PSTN phones as they are more convenient and a cheaper option. In developed countries, another competitor for PSTN could be IP phones. In India, invariably all metros have more cell phones than land lines. I am sure this trend will continue in other developing countries, too.

Sudhanshu Gupta is a technical consultant in the system integration division of Wipro Infotech, India. Sudhanshu has over 10 years of extensive networking experience and is CCIE and MCSE certified.

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This was last published in January 2006

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