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June 2012 Vol. 3, No. 3

Three enterprise cellular options

As employees increasingly rely on mobile devices, enterprises must provide seamless wireless coverage inside buildings. Some companies do this by extending their wireless LANs, but others find they must extend and optimize enterprise cellular coverage inside their buildings as part of the solution. Deciding whether to focus on extending wireless LAN (WLAN) or cellular coverage will require considering the number of users that must be served, as well as the kinds of apps that must be supported and the amount of money available for buildout. In cases where just a few employees need mobile device support, for example, the cost of building a complex 802.11 wireless LAN may not be justified.  In other scenarios, enterprises may be housed in structures that prevent Wi-Fi buildout. Enterprises will also have to consider the following questions in choosing a wireless technology: Are there just a few areas within the building without sufficient signal strength and bandwidth, or are problem areas widespread? Are there structural issues ...

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