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June 2012 Vol. 3, No. 3

Ad hoc network creation: Overcoming personal wi-fi hotspot competition

In an environment with both computers and smartphones, how will Wi-Fi systems cope with ad hoc network creation?   In a recent Wi-Fi trial I was running, there was ad hoc network creation from smartphones, in particular, early iPhones). How can we overcome this problem?   Business wireless LANs are facing increased RF competition from consumer electronic devices that form their own little Wi-Fi networks. Two very common examples include printers that support peer-to-peer print job submission by Wi-Fi clients and smartphones that support "personal wi-fi hotspot" 3G/4G Internet connection sharing. Do you have a question for our experts? Submit your question directly to our editors at Historically, printers have advertised 802.11 ad hoc mode SSIDs; these are now being gradually replaced by Wi-Fi Direct. True ad hoc mode SSIDs are trivial for a Wireless IPS or WLAN with built-in rogue AP scanning to detect and correctly classify. Even manual scanning tools like NetStumbler can easily spot ad hoc mode ...

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