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April 2011 Vol. 2, No. 2

How to troubleshoot iPhone and iPad connection problems

Apple iOS is an increasingly common enterprise mobility platform, elevating the frequency and importance of iPhone and iPad connection problems. In part one of our wireless network troubleshooting series, we explained how to debug physical, access point (AP), router and Windows connection problems. But if you're having iPhone or iPad connection problems, the following step-by-step iOS Wi-Fi connection troubleshooting tips will help. Step 1: Verify AP or router connection Start by verifying that a wireless access point or router is nearby and actively offering Wi-Fi service. Always start here, using another Wi-Fi client to determine whether the network or the client is the likely culprit. If multiple clients are unable to connect, then follow these steps to debug AP or router or upstream network problems: Verify devices at both ends of each Ethernet cable are powered on and the ports are enabled. (For example, the modem might be off.) Swap Ethernet cables to see if one is damaged. Make sure you're using the right type of cable. (...

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