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March 2014 Vol.5 / No.2

Cloud and managed VPN services offer respite from the storm

As we send this issue of Network Evolution to press, a foot of snow blankets the Boston metro area as well as most of the country. Schools are closed. Flights are grounded. Words not fit for print in a family newspaper are exchanged over parking spots (this is Boston, after all). And like many information workers who wake up to such events, most of TechTarget's local employees work from home. Jessica Scarpati I connect to the virtual private network (VPN) without a hitch. One of my colleagues is not so lucky. I suspect she is not alone. It occurs to me that someone in our IT department is probably not having a good day. It's a familiar situation for many network administrators: Some event forces an atypical number of employees to work from home and cram onto the VPN, leading to congestion complaints and licensing headaches. But there are new VPN challenges brewing that more networking professionals will soon face -- if they aren't already -- and there are two trends to blame. Smartphones and tablets have become viable platforms ...

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