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February 2016 Vol 7 / No. 1

Four examples of networks in unusual places

Unlike servers or storage, networks often require engineers to leave the cozy confines of a data center. Even in standard brick-and-mortar enterprises, network engineers are used to getting their hands dirty -- whether that involves climbing a ladder to mount an access point or snaking cable through a raised floor. Not all networks support cubicle farms, however. For some IT professionals, a regular day at the office can include troubleshooting switches exposed to below-zero temperatures or networking around a military operation. In this series, we'll give you a glimpse of the wild side of networking with some examples of networks in unusual or rugged locations to find out what it's like to implement, maintain and manage networks in extraordinary environments. Part 1: Williams Martini Racing When network reliability matters more than performance First, go behind the scenes with Williams Martini Racing, a British Formula 1 motorsport team and constructor, where the only people moving faster than the IT pros are the racecar ...

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