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February 2016 Vol 7 / No. 1

Container networking offers opportunity to simplify networks

It's nearly impossible to go to any technology conference and not hear the words Docker containers at least once. Containers were an old and decidedly niche technology until Docker emerged with a new use case and changed the game, helping usher in a new era of DevOps by enabling developers to rapidly package and deploy applications. Docker's open source project isn't the only container technology, but it is helping to catalyze the overall container movement as different vendors and end-user organizations all try to benefit from the advantages of containers. And while adoption of container technology to date has largely been driven by developers, the popularity and production-scale deployments of containers is driving increasingly sophisticated networking needs. Containers offer myriad opportunities for network engineers to actually help simplify complex networking challenges. Eric Hanselman, a chief analyst at 451 Research, has been looking at containers and how they contrast with other forms of virtualization, most notably ...

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