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February 2016 Vol 7 / No. 1

Unusual network locations: How engineers make it work

Almost anyone who has installed a network knows that much of it cannot be done from the relative comfort of an office chair. Whether you have to mount wireless access points on ceilings or pull Ethernet cables behind the walls, challenging network locations can often result in getting your hands dirty.

But for those network engineers who manage infrastructure in places other than conventional office buildings, a so-called normal day at the office can take an unusual turn. Freezing temperatures, mounds of dirt, traveling data centers and military-grade security requirements are just some of the conditions facing the organizations we've featured in this edition of Network Evolution as several IT pros take you behind the scenes of their unusual network locations.

Also in this issue, we dive into the world of container networking and what the latest updates to Docker's platform and other developments mean for network engineers. Rather than complicate networks, containers may actually simplify them in some cases.

We also take a look at the latest innovations in next-generation firewalls as vendors increasingly look to marry application-level security with features like cloud-based threat analysis to combat the onslaught of advanced persistent threats plaguing enterprises.

And be sure to check out this edition of The Subnet, where one networking pro shares her plan to use video conferencing to improve opportunities for underserved youth in rural Tunisia.

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