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September 2016 Vol 7 / No. 7

The need for network end-to-end visibility in hybrid IT

I don't mind healthy disagreement. In fact, there are days I seem to thrive on it. A good, passionate, fact-based debate can not only be invigorating, but it can help create better systems and better outcomes for the business. But I hate being lied to. I'm not naive. I know that untruths happen at every age, in every business. But the fact that it happens doesn't make it acceptable, at least not in my book. Sometimes, lies can seem cute. Like when you ask, "Did you eat the chocolate cake?" to a child who stares back with wide, innocent eyes and a chocolate goatee. But mostly, they just hurt. Maybe they hurt less when the liar is little and more when they are big. But the pain, the frustration and the loss of trust is still there. The same is true for a network which lacks end-to-end visibility. As a 30-year veteran in IT and a longtime network engineer, nowhere is this more true than with an internet service provider (ISP). I know very few IT professionals who trust their WAN provider, a feeling that is due, in large part, ...

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