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September 2017, Vol. 8, No. 7

First responders rely on improved Wi-Fi to fight fires and save lives

An old-school technology guy, Eric Prosser, IT officer of the Santa Clara County Fire Department, realized early in his career that innovation happens when people talk, more so than when they develop new devices and applications. He is mindful of that lifelong mantra as the fire department begins implementing a new report management system and considers an improved Wi-Fi designed to enhance critical network communications technology and information sharing among all the emergency responders in the region. Beyond improving communications technology and making vendors and developers talk to one another, Prosser spends his time pushing the capabilities of bandwidth and trying to move copious amounts of data over networks to aid first responders who fight wildfires in California. All of this, according to Prosser, can be done via improved Wi-Fi when it is properly implemented. And when he isn't busy with that, he's rocking out to his favorite playlist to blow off steam. We caught up with Prosser to learn more about the fire ...

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