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June 2016 Vol 7 / No. 5

Undersea cable sends Ethernet to observatory on ocean floor

About 60 miles north of Oahu, Hawaii, three miles below the surface, sits the world's deepest underwater observatory -- an ambitious project that sends power and Ethernet connectivity from the island all the way to the ocean floor. The University of Hawaii's ALOHA Cabled Observatory (ACO) uses a retired undersea cable from AT&T to collect a stream of constant, real-time data that measures water pressure, oxygen levels, currents, temperature, salinity and more. Oceanographers say this wealth of information can shed light on issues ranging from climate change to earthquakes. The ACO even boasts live video and hydrophone capabilities, allowing researchers to record the songs of the migrating humpback whales that spawn in Hawaiian waters every winter. In this edition of The Subnet, University of Hawaii IT specialist Brian Chee -- director and founder of the school's Advanced Network Computing Laboratory -- takes us into the deep sea and explains how he got the observatory network up to speed. What is your role at the University of ...

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