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Special Edition, July 2017, Vol. 1, No. 3

Keep the lights on: Preventing network outages more critical than ever

Network outages can cost organizations millions of dollars and dramatically damage their reputations. Just ask Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines, carriers that suffered major network outages last summer. Southwest's outage cost an estimated $54 million and the Delta power outage reportedly cost $150 million. Industry experts say the airlines have been struggling to deliver more advanced technology services to their customers, putting them at risk for network issues. Travelers of all stripes are ordering flights online and want to receive tickets on their cellphones, putting a strain on booking and ticketing systems and corporate networks. While what happened to the airlines has been fairly well-documented, the outage part is not a unique story. Most other industries are experiencing strains on their networks as well, and outages can and do happen in many other sectors -- hitting major banks, telecommunication providers, cloud providers and universities. A one-day outage at Salesforce once cost the company $20 million. Best ...

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