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April 2012 Vol. 3, No. 2

NAC technology evolves in a BYOD policy world

Network Access Control (NAC) technology seemed all but dead a year ago. After dominating network security headlines for years, the technology eventually fizzled when users found that its features just didn’t go deep enough. But enterprise IT consumerization—specifically the need to better control access for personal devices on the corporate network—is resurrecting the need for better NAC solutions. Though it is difficult to quantify what percentage of organizations today allow users to access the network using personal devices, a recent survey by mobile service provider iPass, shows 91% of workers conduct business from their own smart phones. To enable these users, companies are finding themselves seeking ways to protect an environment that is more virtual and therefore more porous. Since NAC technology has always promised to merge authentication, end point security and access policy enforcement, it could be just the solution for these new protection needs. A broad spectrum of vendors is now promising new NAC features meant to ...

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