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April 2012 Vol. 3, No. 2

Is virtual desktop infrastructure the answer?

As more companies S roll out bring your own device (BYOD) pilot programs, IT organizations are finding that virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is one way to provide secure access to corporate assets on mobile devices. Probably the most pressing BYOD challenge for businesses is to provide full application availability to remote devices in a way that is both familiar and secure. While VDI and application virtualization platforms weren’t necessarily designed specifically for mobile devices, they are built to enable user access to enterprise data in a consistent, secure manner on most computing platforms and operating systems. They also enable application portability, data backup and policy compliance for any device tapping in. How VDI works VMware and Array stress application security and support devices that range from Windows desktops to Android smartphones, BlackBerrys and iPads. VMware offers two methods of managing virtual desktops. The first is distributed VDI, which consists of remotely managed virtual desktops running on ...

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