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August 2011 Vol. 2, No. 4

Zappos cloud security strategy: Distributed management

What does it say about cloud security issues when Zappos—owned by leading cloud provider Amazon—still doesn't place critical data in the EC2 environment? According to Saffet Ozdemir, Zappos chief security officer, it doesn't say much about the cloud itself, but rather how unprepared security professionals are to create a cloud security strategy that works for an increasingly complex cloud environment. After all, a cloud security strategy must include new kinds of firewalls that don't introduce latency, and software that provides in-depth monitoring and logging for compliance even in an environment where server instances are constantly shifting. For Zappos, the solution to the cloud security management challenge has been to very slowly move into a virtual private cloud, using it first for development and backup before moving critical data onto virtual servers. Along the way, Zappos is using host-based distributed firewall management and exposure management tools from CloudPassage—going with what is essentially cloud security as a...

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