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February 2018, Vol. 9, No. 1

Engineer uses Cisco DNA Center to combat network challenges

How do four engineers become network management rock stars? According to Seth Price, the senior network engineer for Durham County, N.C., the road to fame means removing complexity, increasing network automation and shifting management to a single controller to enable an efficient and seamless network experience for users. That's the goal as he redesigns the county's network. Durham County government includes 2,000 employees who use the network to provide support services for more than 280,000 residents. A little more than two years ago, Price was tasked with redesigning the network from scratch. He used Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure, the vendor's version of software-defined networking, to rebuild the county's core data center network, and he is now at work to extend the ACI fabric, using Cisco DNA Center management software, to county offices and facilities that include a library and a security operations center. When he's not busy creating new network configuration tactics, Price is outside as much as possible, ...

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