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December 2016 Vol. 7, No. 10

Integrate UC platform with business-critical SaaS for competitive edge

By one current estimate, the average business operates across six different clouds. With many software-as-a-service platforms still unable to communicate with each other, enterprise workers must straddle the space between them -- leading to inefficient work processes at best, and missed business opportunities at worst. When an organization's UC platform can't automatically share relevant data with other mission-critical applications, for example, important details can fall through the cracks.

In this edition of Network Evolution, find out how an integration between 8x8's UC platform and enterprise application Salesforce gave one business a significant competitive advantage by reducing human error and offering new insight into customer behavior.

Also in this issue, we dive into the heated industry debate surrounding white-box switches and their potential to cut network expenses. Can generic hardware really save as much as advocates say, or will skeptics have the last word?

And finally, as the internet of things grows, networks will struggle to make sense of the wealth of data coming in from devices far and wide. Find out how the fog could bring clarity by moving network and compute power toward the edge.

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