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December 2013 Vol. 4 / No.6

IPv6, SDN: When worlds collide ... in a good way

What do IPv6 and software-defined networking have in common? Not a lot, but then again, oh so much. Both IPv6 and SDN stand to radically change the way we build networks, and if implemented correctly, both play a role in making the cloud and IT as a Service more of a reality. In the last five years, server and storage virtualization have revolutionized IT, enabling flexible provisioning of resources that can be used for an agile cloud. But the rigid network has been a bottleneck. Now, SDN promises to virtualize the rest of the data center infrastructure and make it so that network resources can be provisioned on demand and integrated into overall cloud orchestration. Meanwhile, as IPv4 addresses become rapidly depleted, service providers and enterprises are under pressure to transition their networks into IPv6 environments. Here is where SDN and IPv6 implementation meet. If both sets of technologies require network teams to rethink network design, why not do both at once? The good news is that these two technology trends can be ...

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