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April 2013

How virtual switching integrates the network edge

Editor's note: In the first part of this series on integrating physical and virtual networks, we examine the role of virtual switching in networking across environments. In part two, we highlight two examples of virtual switching in action. Not every company is ready to move to full SDN or network virtualization, but there are plenty of measures to take along the way to be sure the virtual and physical worlds are communicating. Cloud provider Iland, which is primarily a Cisco switch and router shop, takes advantage of VMware’s integration of the Cisco Discovery Protocol (CDP) Messaging System into its VMware virtual switches. When a network team member adds network components, creates a VLAN on a physical switch, or works with MAC addresses, the CDP Messaging System integration makes these things clear, said Iland’s Giardina. “When we bring up a VM, whether we need to make sure it follows an IP address policy or a port security policy or a VLAN policy, this is all transparent to the hardware side,” he said. Engineers trained on ...

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