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December 2015 Vol 6 / No. 10

Here comes Wave 2: 802.11ac reaches new heights

There are two things every network engineer can expect to perpetually increase: the need for more bandwidth and the number of mobile devices on a wireless network.

The first generation of wireless access points (APs) based on the 802.11ac standard -- a family of products categorized as Wave 1 -- address that initial need with the introduction of gigabit speeds in Wi-Fi.

Yet for many enterprises whose wireless networks were designed for coverage, not density, existing technology hasn't been able to sufficiently alleviate the latter issue: the strain of so many new devices. But in the next generation of wireless products, known as Wave 2, 802.11ac reaches its full potential and tackles these challenges head on. In this issue of Network Evolution, learn how IT pros are using Wave 2 products to overcome density issues on their wireless networks with new features, including multi-user MIMO, which allows an AP to transmit data to multiple devices simultaneously.

To access the full benefits of Wave 2, 802.11ac deployments do require some forethought. IT pros using the technology today share their strategies around optimizing cabling, switching and Power over Ethernet for these high-performance, high-density wireless networks.

In this issue, you can also learn how enterprises are preventing their unified communications (UC) applications from becoming shelfware with ongoing user training and other engagement efforts.

Additionally, we catch up with several IT pros who share their challenges -- and successes -- with application delivery in hybrid cloud networks.

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