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August 2013 / Vol. 4 / No. 4

When network monitoring tools improve business intelligence

When Cardinal Health Inc. replaced its legacy network monitoring tools last year, the multibillion-dollar health care services company hit the network analysis sweet spot—the new software offered the ability to monitor both network hardware operations and application performance, while providing analytics that could improve overall business processes. Cardinal’s investment reflects a shift in the IT industry where information technology directly affects business intelligence and enterprise productivity -- and the network plays an increasingly central role. The idea is that the network ties together every element of cloud provisioning and service or application delivery. To handle this, monitoring tools must provide a broader set of information. “Networking used to be pretty much its own little silo,” said Jim Frey, vice president of research, network management, at Enterprise Management Associates. “Now we’re seeing a shift where networking is bringing with it systems, applications, storage and other components, providing a more...

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