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May 2017, Vol. 8, No. 4

IT Priorities 2017 survey: Virtualization gains in networking plans

Networking professionals will be tackling a mix of legacy and evolving technologies over the next 12 months, fueled by networking plans that blend bread-and-butter initiatives like security and network management with forward-looking projects like network virtualization. Our knowledge of what enterprise networking professionals will undertake this year comes from the ninth annual TechTarget IT Priorities Survey of 971 enterprise IT professionals employed by a wide variety of industries in North America. We zeroed in on responses from the 192 respondents who defined their jobs as working primarily on their organizations' networks. The networking respondents also work in related areas, including general IT management, server management, data center operations and security. Our questions were about planned networking and security projects, IT budget increases and decreases, and staffing levels that will either help or prevent them from getting their networking projects done. Network engineers said upgrading their existing networks ...

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