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April 2014 Vol.5 / No.3

Networking pros need an APM tool designed for them -- not developers

It's your day off, and you've got everything you need for an epic time. Sweatpants? Check. Food from your favorite take-out spot? Check. Netflix-streamed video queued up and ready to go? Buffering… Wait, what? Buffering? Ugh. Great, now the video isn't synced to the audio. And, oh look, it just went from high-def to pixelation city. Maybe your Internet connection just lost steam. Maybe Netflix's servers are overloaded. You tell yourself you're probably not the only person trying to catch up on Mad Men before the new season premieres. It's all pretty frustrating, right? Hold on to that feeling and magnify it -- because that's how your users feel whenever one of their critical business applications gets unbearably slow or fails entirely. They can't do their jobs. Work backs up. And they often have no alternative except to flood the helpdesk with complaint-laden tickets punctuated by lots of exclamation points. The network has always been the first to be blamed for application performance issues, but application performance ...

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